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22 June 2010 @ 06:37 pm
Since I was browsing youtube late last night, I was surprised to see actual video links of SaGa Frontier up, so I'll be linking all of Blue's story in this post for personal reference and as well as those whom wanted to see the game play during the old PSX-era.

Of course there is a screenshot option too.

Here be many a youtube vid and video linking in progressCollapse )
30 November 2009 @ 03:16 pm

Comment here and ASK A QUESTION! It can be anything Island related, OOC, IC, relationships, thoughts, whatever. Like what my character's opinion of your character is or maybe what you have been wondering about a certain thing one of them always does, or general questions like my thoughts on a characters canon!

Ask as many as you want in one or multiple comments when I reply to your first, I'll try and get to them all eventually. When I reply, I will also ask you a question in turn!

This goes for Gilgamesh, Lyner, Satsuki, Blue, Akutare, Eitarou and Terry.
Reply to this post with one of your characters and I'll tell you what my character thinks of them. Make sure you add which one of my people you want!

I play:

18 January 2009 @ 05:25 am
Comment here and ASK A QUESTION! It can be anything Island related, OOC, IC, relationships, thoughts, head canon, whatever. IE: What my character's opinion of your character is or maybe what you have been wondering about a certain thing one of them always does. You get the idea. Answers will vary from short and sweet to tl;dr.

Ask as many as you want in one or multiple comments when I reply to your first, I'll try and get to them all eventually.

I play Gilgamesh/Ko-Gil, Lyner, Satsuki, Blue, Akutare and Terry! \O/
20 August 2008 @ 04:15 pm
Threadhopping with this character - yes, no, or what?: Sure! By all means! /o/
Hugging this character?: If you want... he'll probably be all WTF about it or be drywall depending who and why.
Giving this character a kiss?: If you want, same thing applies as above.
Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Blue can take a hit but he'll fawk ur shit up with his magic. He can use ZA WARUDO spell to screw you over whatever way he wants. :|
Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?: For the love of god, don't say anything magic related unless you want him on your case for some unwanted attention. And don't say anything related to the color of red since that reminds him of this twin brother, Rouge.
Is there anything you need us to KNOW about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: Blue is a Master Magician who knows some serious rape magic and is pretty skilled with a sword and pretty fast. Both Blue and Rouge are known as 'the best characters' in SaGa Frontier due to being the only human character to learn magic at an extremely fast rate and physical attacks just the same, whereas normally it's one or the other with other characters.
18 August 2008 @ 08:08 pm
Equiped items:
Asura - a red blade that has a will of it's own. It can counter attack others by itself ONLY if they attack Blue first and if uses this sword to fight with.
Kusanagi - A sword that shoots a low beam of energy.
Buckler - A shield that randomly cancels all weapon and physical attacks.
Backpack - An infinite dump of inventory items.
PoweredSuit - Raises his natural defense and prevents him from gaining a 'blind' status.
Hyperwear - Raises his magic attack damage.
PurpleEye- an accessory that grants him the ability to use the Mystic spell "PhantasmShot" and prevents the 'paralyze' effect.
BloodChalice - Raises his Psychic and Will stat as well as preventing all forms of instant death.


The rest is just weapons, accessories and armor that I'm sure that won't be neccessary to put down. But I'll post them up later if need be.
15 August 2008 @ 11:07 pm
This will be copied and pasted from skill FAQ in the SaGa Frontier section in Gamefaqs. Apparently I won't link me to page where it gives a description.

Here are some stat terms that goes on in this little post.
JP = Jutsu Points (basically skill/magic points) used to cast magic
HP = Durr hurr
LP = Life Points, how many times you can 'die' before you are killed.
WP = Weapon Points, what costs you to use your 'physical skill' points
WIL = Will, increases the accuracy of attacks.
STR = Strength, derp increases damage given when using physical attacks.
PSY = Psychic, this tells you on how naturally resistant a character is on status ailments and how to recover naturally from them if infected quickly.
INT = Intelligence, increases the chances of learning more magic spells and better usage of guns.
QUI = Quickness, the characters agility and how he can dodge and avoid attacks.
CHA = Charm, the most annoying and useless stat ever. It helps you be able to charm enemies and be resistant to charm attacks in any form from others.
VIT = Vitality, increases health and be able to resist magic damage from enemies.
DEF = Defense, derp.

Other terms.
FEINT -The character falls unconscious-
Also known as Death. Not a real status of course but many attacks have this effect, this also takes place when a character's HP drops to 0. A feinted ally can be revived but a feinted enemy is dead. The only exception is if you or your ally's LP is 0. (If the main character's LP has reached 0 then it's game over.)

VENOM -Indicated by purple bubbles above one's head-
Also known as Poison. This will cause the target to loose about 10% of their maximum HP each round.

PALSY -Indicated by a green ring above one's head (not a halo!)-
Also known as Paralyze. A paralyzed character cannot act.

STUN -The word "stun" pops up-
Looses the ability to perform an action in that round.

BLIND -The character is shaded in black-
Hit rate of physical attack decreases.

STONE -The character is in gray and all animation is stopped-
Also known as Petrify. Cannot act or take damage. A petrifies enemy will be eliminated. If all your characters are petrified, then it's game over.

SLEEP -Indicated by "zzz" above one's head-
Cannot act.

ANGRY -Indicated by steam above one's head-
Cannot use any techniques or magic. They can use only most basic action and these may or may not take place, having the effect of Blue Mess as well.

MESS is divided into 3 degrees:
1.) BLUE MESS -Indicated by blue stars above one's head-
You may enter a command for a character affected by Blue Mess, but it may or may not take effect.
2.) YELLOW MESS -Indicated by yellow stars above one's head-
You may enter a command for a character affected by Yellow Mess, but it may affect either the party or the enemy.
3.) RED MESS -Indicated by red stars above one's head-
The character affected will perform a random action of either your party member or the enemies.

CHARM -Indicated by a heart above one's head-
Perform an action in favor of the opposite party while attacking allies.

And the easy way to tell Blue is casting magic is that the ~*magical*~ appearing ring around him and the crystals that float around when he casts something. So, without further ado.

Realm MagicCollapse )

Light MagicCollapse )

Shadow MagicCollapse )

Arcane MagicCollapse )

Rune MagicCollapse )

Time MagicCollapse )

Space MagicCollapse )

Life MagicCollapse )


Blue is also capable of casting Mystic Magic but that is only through an accessory called 'Purple Eye' (and if Rouge or Blue traded Realm Magic for learning the bare basics of Mystic Magic) that can be bought and equipped. And since Blue only knows the spells but does not have the gift since he isn't a Mystic, he cannot learn the master spells of Mystic Magic and can only use the basic ones. And I'll show you what the spell, "PhantasmShot", different effects does.

Mystic MagicCollapse )

Mind MagicCollapse )

For the record, if whatever reason possible if your browser is able to see the link, the source of this all with mostly word for word is from here.

With this video granted it's on another character's story spoken in runes, but it has Rouge (the guy with the gray/white hair) casting MegaWindBlast (Light Magic). In this video, again with Rouge, shows the spell of EnergyChain (Realm Magic), and DarkSphere (Shadow Magic).

LASTLY before I add more than I should, there is this video that should have afew named spelled from enemy and ally side but from another character's story. And of course, another video of Blue fighting the last boss of his story in two parts, here and here while showing the LifeWave (Mind Magic) as well as the OverDrive, LightSword, Riviva and PurpleEye/PhantasmShot.